Friday’s at Mary’s house

It’s Friday and some would say it is the weekend — to which I say: hold your tongue ’cause in this house Friday is just another work day!

Friday is when I put the final touches on the house for the weekend so the abode looks nice when guests drop by, not that they notice all that much but it makes me feel good so I do it. Old habits are hard to quit. For as long as I can remember Friday was the day for vacuuming the carpets, dusting the furniture, sweeping the floor and sprucing up the wash basin.

So, this morning when my neighbor (true story) dropped by to ask if she could borrow my vacuum (for a sec.) I seriously said: Sure; but use it here first! Always willing to help out but it’s Friday and the three bedroom carpets needed a sweep just inside the doors. She is such a dear that she obliged me. I know not when that sec. will be up and the vacuum will be placed back into the laundry room but who cares, I mean, She’s I’m done with it for the day.

Now onto other important things:  as in. the coffee pot just beeped it’s welcoming call that the coffee has finished brewing. Bacon needs frying, eggs need cooked and mother needs her breakfast after which my day — my Friday — really begins in full swing mode. That’s when I turn up the music and dance whilst I dust. Y’all have a happy Friday ;)


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