Please Say Please


is one of the most polite words to say when asking some to do something for you, when asking for anything! It is one of the most pleasing words I like to hear.  So, why is it so difficult for my Mum to say it?  Just now at the age of 87 she said to me “Wait, Before you go back to work — Go get me some green tomatoes from the garden”  Now, I’m a willing daughter and have taken on the responsibility of the care and feeding of my elder but it would be so very nice if she would ask me to do something for her and how about using the word please when she does.  I am her unpaid care giver.  I do a lot. And I want her to say Please.  So as I turned to walk out of the house towards the garden and in the opposite direction of my home office I thought I heard myself say: “Please, will you bring me some green tomatoes from the garden” and “It would be nice to be asked!”  … Upon my return with five Roma tomatoes that are just turning a wee bit she was at her recliner in the great room. I said: “here you are” I even smiled, washed them for her and placed them upon a paper towel on the cutting board to dry off; but where was my “thank you” for gathering them up, washing them off?  And, this is coming from a woman who would have, as late as when I was fifteen, smacked me silly for not saying Please and Thank You. 

And so it goes in my neck of the woods …..


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