The Girl’s guide to loving life


On Blessings:

  1. Health is good
  2. Money is enough
  3. Kids are fine
  4. Win loves me!

On Kindness:

  1. Speak softy
  2. smile!

On Control:

  1. neighbors barking dog — it’s their problem
  2. attitudes of other people — it’s their issue
  3. rain! — one word: umbrella

On the Heart:

  1. for the blessing it brings — trust it
  2. for the truth it speaks — listen to it
  3. and for the love it brings — accept it

On Productiveness:

  1. begin with an end in mind
  2. from beginning to end — enjoy the process
  3. take pleasure in doing what you love

Then Just Breath — knowing that all things are God’s plan and his plan is eternal.


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