It doesn’t take long to find an advertisement for antidepressants, all you have to do is turn on the television or surf the web and within a few minutes there they are, pleading for us to pop a pill to cure our ills.  Sad? Frustrated? Imbalanced? No problem Mate! Pop a pill to cure your brain’s receptor imbalance and within a few days you’ll be transported to a field of daisies and soft gentle breezes.

To this I say hogwash!

That’s right: hogwash. And for good reason too. You see, I am the gal with the diagnosis of major clinical depression and I know first hand all about depression. For myself, I chose to take the harder road to recovery than to simply pop a pill once a day. I worked (hard) on myself, my mind, my body, and even my spiritual soul to find a better solution to cure my depression. This is not for everyone, and I understand that it is not for everyone, so I am not advocating that you flush your antidepressants down the toilet but if you feel you must take them, adding a different approach in how you think about the ‘issues’ that cause you to be depressed might be worth consideration.

So, if you are feeling frustrated because your life isn’t as peachy as you thought it would be after you did all that was implied and all that was expected — (you got that degree; you bought that car/house; you had that child, you adopted the darling stray cat!) — and still you are frustrated and unfulfilled then perhaps you are expecting too much out of life.  Perhaps you are an ungrateful Tweedledum living on a ranch somewhere in Texas calling yourself a Ewing.

I have experienced  frustration, sadness and lack of fulfillment over my lifetime. I have also experienced true clinical depression but I can tell you that I never, as in never-ever found that the depression born out of frustration, loss or lack of fulfillment was anything other than self-imposed lack of gratefulness! It’s another story when my brain function goes haywire. In those instances I know what to do. I immediately lay off the ice-cream; refined sugars of any kind, actually. I also pop a pill! The challenge is knowing the difference. It is my opinion that too often antidepressants are ordered for non-clinical depression when this should be written on the prescription pad: “Dear Client, take as ordered: a teaspoon of  gratitude three-time daily, plus in the morning — take two to three hours of hard work in the garden/yard soaking up the sun; in the afternoon — take thirty minutes to two hours of wall washing or other range-of-motion activity; in the evening — take one hot bath/shower then early to bed for eight hours sleep. Take all with a tall glass of water for good hydration and nutritious well-balanced meals throughout the day ; do not skip any dose for optimum relief of symptoms from being an ungrateful Tweedledee-dim patient.

Replacing the frustration/sad estate of affairs/feeling of worthlessness (i.e. feeling unfulfilled) by focusing more on what is right than what is wrong and by doing other things than focusing on ‘the pain’ or ‘the disappointment’ get you, if nothing else, a great looking yard!


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