Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

Shopping during the holidays reminds me of taking a nice stroll along the well worn path in Papa’s pasture where I was constantly on the look out for cow dung and Old Roosevelt, the meanest bull God ever created.  While holiday shopping, I find myself avoiding Slurpee spills and kids dropped shoes (cow poop!) and avoiding at all costs the evil eye of the nearest store not-to-eager-to-help-you salesperson (Old Roosevelt, the mean bull). I’m a whiz at proper elbow-out educate and can whirl a shopping cart around like Mario Andretti (I’m dating myself here) to avoid all bad situations. I put on my holiday cheerful face :::: I am Christmas shopping!

out of my way

It took two hours to remember why I like making my Christmas gifts! So, today I’m back at the sewing machine making pot holders and finishing Hannah’s quilt! Tomorrow, I feel the call of double chocolate wafers with crushed peppermint stick ‘a-calling me into the kitchen. Unfortunately, I will need to walk down another shopping isle to buy the tins to put them in ::: No worries Mate — I’ll grease up my elbows first!


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