Christmas is over but the sweetness of the day lingers on like a soothing fog coming in over the bay. The kind of fog that makes me want to snuggle — the kind that covers the land like a soft woolen blanket.  Pandora radio is being piped through my ear phones and all is well with my heart.  This has been a challanging year but I ‘m at a place of acceptance.  

l accept that loving someone and them loving you back doesn’t always end as you’d wish it to end. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that it simply didn’t work out. And that it wasn’t anyones fault — it just is going to be, over time, a beautiful memory. 

I accept that this year I became the elder to my family and my children worry about me the same way I worried about my mother.

I accept the world as it is — full of weird notions that won’t help a single soul but also full of hope for us all.

In retrospect: 2012 — for this person, only (or maybe more than only me) was a year that needed to pass as quickly as it came, to depart! And to be behind me — it wasn’t my best year. 

Welcome 2013 — 



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