Garden Cages in the Snow

Garden Cages in the Snow

It snowed here in Huber, actually it is still snowing. Mounds of snow on the ground where a thriving garden once stood, now the dry branches of some flower stalks I was waiting to harvest are spoiled for the harvest but make a rather interesting site with the drifts of snow all around then, not to mention the vegetable cages and shovel left in the ground! Remind me not to get ill again next year when the garden is spent and needs tending to — to winter it.  It’s wintered now!! Or not, as the case may be so we’ll see how the spring planting goes this year….if I have an abundance of bugs I’ll know who to point the finger at …. won’t I? Should have drug myself right out of that bed and readied the garden for winter! By the way, that blue and pink balloon looking thing on the right of this snapshot is actually a snow buried  garden windmill (to keep the birds away) also left in the garden like the shovel.  We got (and are still getting) lots of snow in Huber ;)


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