new tablet

The kids gave me a tablet for Christmas. I placed it on top of a stack of other tablets which I use to write in. You know: paper tablets — the old school kind of tablets you write in with (black/blue/red) pencils. This newest tablet isn’t old school, instead, its features are new-age cool. I must say for a gal who has to fess up on a few things — as a kid, I lit a snowy path with an oil lantern to the out-house and learned to drive true (straight) behind a tractor — receiving this new kind of tablet is not only awesome it is mind-blowing. It does so much more than — and a little less than — expected.  

To actually write this blog I needed to travel down the hallway (from my cozy bedroom) and into the future sewing/computer room (at present a not-so-often-used bedroom) and hop onto the desk-top which makes the process of writing go like the speed of lightning as in relation/comparison to the ‘tablet’ … mainly because I am more capable at slinging my fingertips across a keyboard with great speed, than to peck-peck at a keyboard with one finger on a touch screen.  

Over my lifetime my mind has been blown by other convinces, which means, I can today: 

  • wash dishes without putting my hands in soapy water — no bucket into well-water, heated on top wooden stove involved!
  • washing and drying clothes is a snap these days — no large washboard or clothes line involved!
  • stay on the sofa to change a television channel — just call me lazy on this one!
  • know who is calling when the telephone rings, so I have a choice to pick it up or not — but I wonder if this is really a good thing in case I’d ever want to stalk someone!
  • ride like the pro’s to cut the grass — wahoo — no more walking behind something called a push-mower!
  • push a button on a sewing machine to cut the thread — got to get me one of those!
  • make bread in a machine — no more hand mixing/kneading involved!

And this list is just the tip of the ice-burg which became reality during my lifetime. When I speak to youngsters, telling them about my childhood in two places, one in the city of modern 40’s & 50’s conveniences (which in and of itself is pretty foreign to them) and the other in the country, far enough away from all modern conveniences, they always ask the same question; “Ms. Mary, did you grow up on “Little House on the Prairie” with big eyed wonder and I have to tell them “No, I grew up in rural America, during a time we never locked our doors and trusted our neighbors.” 




One thought on “new tablet

  1. It’s crazy to think we have come so far in such a short amount of time. My father in law shares of a time when he had to place a brick near the fire before bed. Then he would take the brick and warm his bed with it. No furnace, no air conditioning, well water, no plumbing. He says he would never go back. Great post.

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