blessings, age and weight


Here I am with new friend Pat last Friday, 4 Jan., 2013 in Dayton, OH. 

On 4 Jan, 2013 my daughter Lisa married her boyfriend Tony at City Hall in downtown Dayton, Ohio. The ceremony was short, sweet, funny and a blessing. I’d give you a history of the couple’s journeys before finding each other but I’ll spare you all the details — they no longer matter, do they — just let me just say this: the couple’s lives were blessed on this day in ways they each are so deserving of. They found each other after years of relationship ‘mishaps’ that caused each of them to stop looking for someone nice for quite some time. This was a mistake? Perhaps, but I’m glad they did stop and not continue the search because surely they each may have found someone ‘nearly perfect’ and settled. As it is, they did stop for a time and then they began again. On a whim (I don’t know all the details of Tony’s story) my daughter went online at a dating site, put in her information as accurately as possible and began to find out if she might be lucky enough to find her special man to spend the rest of her life with.

The thing about these dating sites is — apparently — not everyone is all that willing to be “real” and “honest”. I mean if you are a janitor, gosh darn it, own it and say so with pride! And if you are really a world-famous doctor, then don’t down play it, own that too. Be honest, be forthcoming, be real and be – I don’t know – be fun. Whatever Sugar, I don’t know what I’m talking about here as I don’t use these sites. No, I rely on past high school *(&%# but I’m not writing about this. I am writing about blessings, age and weight, although the h.s.*(&%# is the reason I’m a good twenty plus pounds of more happy.  Read on dear friends:

For a first date my daughter met Tony for coffee, he pulled up in a beat up truck, but he was nice and funny so she gave him a chance. After the second date she came home and wasn’t sure of a third. With encouragement from family (and the three date rule) she continued to see Tony. Over time, she began to look past the truck, the rounded belly, the hair, this really disgusting baseball cap and got to know the real Tony, a really great guy who is honest, family oriented, kind and everything she could hope for in a helpmate for life. And then she fell in love. Now, it looks like smooth sailing ahead for the two of them and this proud mama is so happy I could pee sweet tea; okay, so that’s not anything you’ve ever heard before — forgive me I’m Southern.

In the picture taken the day of the wedding, I am the one in the black sweater, the other nice older woman is the grooms mother, now a new friend, a Catholic who plays bingo, what more could I ask for in a new friend. I’m really excited about the new friend thing but yesterday, as I looked at all the wedding pictures, I was “””aghast””” as the size I am. Honest-injun, pinky-cross swear, when I look in the mirror I don’t see this size but I’m told the camera never lies. Then, after a good cry, this thought came to me: as long as I am as fit as a fiddle should I really be this concerned about the weight? After all, I’m the old gal with the natural as God intended whitish hair, although it does need a good cut! As for the age, who gives a rats-ass about that either. I am whom I is :) and I shall be what I is. I am a wonderful woman, honest-injun and pinky-cross swear! And, truth be told h.s.*(&%# should be on his knees — I mean the blessing he’d receive from me is a totally awesome blessing, for sure and for certain.

Back to my daughter: She is my first-born and she is special in more ways than I can say. I live with her and she takes good care of me, although I don’t really need taking care of at the moment, it is so nice to know, when the time comes, when my mind goes (at 100 or so) and I begin to forget to eat, and know which day it is she will be there to remind me, to give hugs and have fun. I promised her to have a sharp mind and healthy bones until I reach 100 and given my linage of aging well and living long lives I see no reason not to do this, for her, for me, for all of humanity. I have things to do, after all … important things, like write about blessings, age and weight. And I have a country to save from itself! Bingo to win! And candles to light, lots of candles, and, among other writings, a memoir to write and new memories to create.




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