Birds of Spring

Delightful & playful yellow bird(s) enjoy the sunflowers planted along the fence in my back yard, which makes my cup of morning coffee (somehow) taste better.

Isn’t it time to see this little guy fluttering around yet?

I long for the birds to return, flocks of yellows and reds, browns and blues fluttering about, landing and lifting off, sometimes landing on the grass looking for bugs and grubs. Each year new nests  are built, usually in the most inconvenient places, but I’ve never once disturbed a nest. Once I spotted the use of some Easter grass in a sparrows nest but mainly the birds use my garden straw, which, of course, is there specifically for their use! Birds. I am missing their presence and wishing the snow away and the emergence of green shoots from the crocus announcing the arrival of Spring.  Yesterday, high in one backyard tree I spot a Hummingbird nest, still in place from last year. The high winds didn’t knock it down. So I wondered about God’s hand in this. Does this insure the funny little creature be back? I do not know the answer but I am hopeful s/he will come back to delight me early of a morning as I sip my tea on the back patio before heading off to my garden. 

Is anyone else out in cyber-land wishing the snow away, wishing the crocus to sprout forth announcing Spring’s arrival?  




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