I’d like to be a Free Range Chicken

I’d like to be a free range chicken! I’d like the freedom to roam earth’s green pastures, free from any cares or concerns.  Free range chickens have a wonderful life. They roam freely, they are well fed, they are protected and I think they are very happy.  And their chickadees, unlike mine, never are concerned about their roaming habits.

free range chickens

Apparently, when I roam it brings fright and alarm and causes my human chickadees to turn the auto ignition key to on and roam the streets looking for me. Don’t they realize I am a product of the Flower Child Generation and therefore I did not learn boundaries of time or caution? Don’t they realize I am a free spirit? I mean, on a whim, I could wind up miles away for the day, to return with stories to share. Life is so interesting! Don’t they know by now I always return?

And, don’t they know to check their messages — after all, I’m not callous to their concerns. 

Life it too interesting to be wasted on so much caution!  But, I am informed that my free range roaming, from now on, shall be done with a cell phone handy. I detest cell phones but I will willingly abide for the sake of frayed nerves, theirs, not mine.  As for myself, I shall be a free range roamer until the day I die. 







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