Downed Gate Ends Neighborhood Segregation!

In the Spring of 2012 there stood a gate!

If you look closely at this picture you will see a gate with a stop sign on it behind the sunflowers in the foreground. This picture was actually taken to capture the yellow bird eating my sunflowers — see the little fellow setting atop the third, sunflower from the left? I am so thankful the snapshot also captured the gate behind the plants, otherwise my story would lack the visual element I like to add. 

We have had our fair share of snow and ice this winter. One would be well advised to stay off the roads when they become as slick as glass! But, last night was Friday night and young folks tend to do their fancy things on a Friday night, so, I dare say someone was more focused on having fun than he was focused on slick roads. Oh, to be young — and stupid — again without a care in the world. I passed that bench mark decades ago therefore I tend to stay off icy roads, especially the icy roads of Ohio because they can be a bit brutal on my nerves at times. 

Yesterday it began to snow again but this time it was warm enough, and the sun was out long enough, to melt the roads just enough that they became icy when the temperature dropped. A warning was issued but, this didn’t keep everyone off the roads. Apparently. 

Early this morning I heard a loud crunching sound followed by another odd sound I could not identify. Although this did not fully awaken me it did awaken me enough to know something had happened. In my state of ‘almost but not quite fully awake’ I remember thinking — geese the wind knocked over and drug the outside trash can — again!  But, this morning, the trash can was exactly where it was when I went to bed. What was not there any longer was the gate, which had been hit straight on and drug to the end of the street, several yards away from where it had been installed, mid-way between two stop signs to section off one annexed neighborhood from another. 


So much for gate segregation! 


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