Count Down: Only 2 Days until . . .



The big reveal is on Thursday! Are you ready for it?

Millions upon millions of us will give flowers, cards, and candy to folks we care about.  Some will arrange a special dinner-date for their sweetheart, and still others will give stuffed animals as a token of their affection.  

Speaking of stuffed animals, I saw a television advertisement for an adult sized Teddy Bear — all soft and cuddly — and I thought it was an awesome idea!  Another item on the list of what to give on this day of “Expressed Love” to “Someone Special” is, of course — Jewelry — and I suspect a lot jewelry will be given out along with the cards, candy and flowers, but — and don’t hate me for this — if given the choice, I’d take the Teddy Bear to cuddle with as a fill-in for my Daddy Bear, and that’s the truth.  

My Valentine is in the mail being sent to Someone I love, respect and adore like none other.  Seriously . . .  

. . . Saying I Love You to Someone who makes your heart go wild-n-crazy with desire (for mature audiences only) — to giving a small v-card to a classmate (for general audiences) and being more than mildly curious to see if they really do like you enough to give one in return, happens in two days time . . . 

. . .  So, are you ready to do your part in making smiles on the faces of those you love? 


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