Cats — the furry tease that runs through my house is known as Leon the cat. His color is dark sable brown, the same as my hair before it turned this odd mix of grey colors. I wish that color back!

Leon is  a close cousin to the cat pictured above. He thinks he is awesome and insists we tell him he is awesome no less than twice daily. On the other hand Leon is, like most cats, only interested in three things: 1. He is left alone when napping, 2. He is fed on schedule!, 3. His presence is acknowledged when he so desires the acknowledgement. As to the litter box, our Leon, doesn’t really care if it is clean or dirty. Our previous cat Earl refused to use a dirty litter box and would set outside it yelling (a very loud meow) at my daughter until she cleaned it! Only, of course, so he could use it to dirty it again.

Cats: Humans learning curve, as far as unappreciated acts of kindness.


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