National Bird Month is nearly OVER, Y’all. . . .

February is our National Bird Month in the states. As the month is nearly over, I thought it appropriate to post something about the birds of Ohio, especially the ones I see during the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons here at my home in Huber. All these birds, and a few more, brought such joy and amusement to me last year.

I never thought much about feeding the birds in the winter months until this year. But, we have an abundance of really cute and colorful birds here in Huber that tend to stick around, so I asked my son-in-law about doing this. To my surprise he said his family always does! So with his help my daughter and I mixed up some birdseed with mullet and tossed it out for the birds. It’s burr cold here in Ohio, the mullet does not melt, and the birds seem to appreciate our efforts. 

In the warmer months I delight in watching an array of birds each morning as I sip a cup of coffee or tea on our patio. They dash around the flowers I’ve planted in the vegetable garden and other flowerbeds around the property, land on wheelbarrow handles, the tops of tomato cages, string bean posts and flutter away only to flutter back again, a lovely dance for my eyes to enjoy. I am so happy that this winter we took it upon ourselves to feed the birds who stayed behind the mixture my son-in-law, a long time Ohioan, showed us how to make.  

In the spring I have plans to take my efforts for our lovely birds a step further by dotting the landscape (all 3/4 acre of it) with bird feeders and bird houses. This will be a joint project taken on with my son Kevin who is quite handy at such things. In other words: if Kevin does the work they will stay together, unlike my handy work which is sure to fail. I will be the decorator and designer of said feeders and houses! This I can do well.  

I have been biding my time inside the house quilting and sewing and rearranging books on shelves and shoe boxes in closets, just waiting patiently for the first day I can go outside to the garden and dig in the dirt again. Last year the garden was amazing and I am every so hopeful this year it will be more amazing than ever to encourage my feather friends to entertained me, once again. 






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