Social Media’s New Language

I admit to being ”old school” because — well! I’m old! 

376903_10151144469553465_1659230296_n Using B4 is W-R-O-N-G!

I entered kindergarten in the 1940’s so I’m not a youngster–I’m an oldster ;) I learned how to write the English language to communicated with exactness — leaving little to the imagination what is being said in the first place. I consider this a very good thing but I know, today, this is not the standard practice. At times I find myself doing the Exorcist 360 degree head turn at some of the things I read. Maybe I’m just dumb! But, I don’t know what-the-heck-y’all-are-saying! 

It all looks like misspelled words to me!

For fun go here >>> — I promise none of the words are very big ones and won’t take all that long to type out.  

The following chart explains it all–No wonder I don’t have a clue what the kids are saying!

Term Meaning
143 I love you
2 To
22 Tutu
2C4U Too cool for you
2DFM Too dumb for me
2FB Too freaking bad
2H2H Too hot to handle
2l8 Too late
2mr Tomorrow
2U2 To you too
458 I love you
4ever Forever
4n Foreign
4rl For real
4ward Forward
@@-o Tattletale
A Hey
A3 Anyplace, anywhere, anytime
AAMOF As a matter of fact
ADM Ay dios mio
ADPIC Always Dependably Politically Incorrect
AFAICS As far as I can see
AFAYC As far as you’re concerned
agl Angel
AHFY Always here for you
AISI As I see it
alt A lot
AM Antemeridian
Amazeballs Amazing
AML All my love
ANFSCD And now for something completely different
AOMM Always on my mind
ASAIC As soon as I can
ASP After show party
ATW All the way
AWHFY Are we having fun yet?
AWOL Absent while online
AYC Are you coming?
AYPI And your point is?
AYSOS Are you stupid or something?
BAF Bring a friend
BB Bright blessings
BBB Boring beyond belief
bbq Barbecue
BBW Be back whenever
BCBG Bon Chic Bon Genre
BCO Big crush on
BD Big deal
bday Birthday
BFF4L Best friends forever for life
BFFE Best friends forever
BFFN Best friend for now
BFK Big fat kiss
BFTD Best friends till death
BGF Best guy friend
biffles Best friends for life
BION Believe it or not
BITS Back in the saddle
Bling Overly flashy jewelry
BMA Best mates always
BMGWL Busting my gut with laughter
BNO Boys night out
Bootsie Boring person
Bro Brother
BTW By the way
BTWITILY By the way, I think I love you
BUF Big, ugly, fat
bup Backup Plan
BW Best wishes
C&G Chuckle and grin
C4N Ciao for now
Chillax Chill and relax
CMIIW Correct me if I’m wrong
CNRHKYITF Chuck Norris roundhouse kick you in the face
CPE Coolest Person Ever
CRTLA Can’t remember the three letter acronym
CSB Cool story, bro
CSL Can’t stop laughing
CTO Check this out
cu2mr See you tomorrow
CX Correction
CYF Check your Facebook
CYFB Check your Facebook
CYL Catch ya later
CYM Check your MySpace
D/C Don’t care
DBTS Don’t believe that stuff
dc Daycare
DD Dear daughter
deets Details
dewd Dude
DF Dear fiance
DFTBA Don’t forget to be awesome
DGA Digital guardian angel
DH Dear husband
DH Dear hubby
DIL Daughter-in-law
DILLIGAFF Does it look like I give a flying flip?
DITG Down in the gutter
DL Doing Laundry
DM Direct Message
DMY Don’t mess yourself
DP Dear partner
DS Dear son
DTRT Do the right thing
DU Darn you
DUCT Did you see that?
DUK Didn’t you know?
Dweet Drunk tweet
DYD Don’t you dare
DYK Did you know
e1 Everyone
EOR End of rant
EYC Excited yet calm
f9 Fine
FAF Funny as fluff
fav Favorite
fave Favorite
favs Favorites
FAWC For anyone who cares
fb Facebook
fbc Facebook Chat
fbf Facebook friend
fbo Facebook Official
FCOL For crying out loud
FH Future husband
FML F*** my life
FNB Football and beer
FOB Fresh off the boat
FOMO Fear of missing out
FTR For the record
FTTB For the time being
FTW For the win
FUSIT Fouled up situation
FW Future wife
FYA For your amusement
FYE For your entertainment
FYF From your friend
G2TU Got to tell you
G9 Genius
GBH&K Great big hug and kiss
GBY God bless you
gf Girlfriend
GFN Gone for now
GGG Gotta get a grip
GGGB Good girl gone bad
GIC God’s in control
GMAB Give me a break
GMAFB Give me a friggin’ break
GNO Girls night out
gonna Going to
GPOY Gratuitous picture of yourself
GPOYW Gratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
GPS God’s positioning system
GTG Good to go
GUFN Grounded until further notice
gz Congratulations
H&K Hugs and kisses
h8t Hate
HBBD Happy belated birthday
hbd Happy birthday
HC How cool
HK Hugs and kisses
HLBD Happy late birthday
HML Hate my life
hmp Humph
HMP Help me, please
HMU Hit me up
HOM Hit or miss
HOPE Have Only Positive Expectations
Hot Beautiful
HPDC Happy People Don’t Complain
HRU How are you
HT Heard Through
HT Hat Tip
hun Honey
HWU Hey, what’s up?
HYFR Heck ya, freakin’ right
IA I agree
IAB In a bit
IAG It’s all good
IAGSMSOL I am getting some money sooner or later
IAIL I am in love
IC I see
ICYMI In case you missed it
idd Indeed
IDEK I don’t even know
IFSFY I feel sorry for you
IFVB I feel very bad
IHU I hate you
IHY I hate you
IIR If I remember
IIRC If I remember correctly
IJDGAF I just don’t give a f***
IJWTS I just want to say
IKR I know, right?
ILMM I love my man
ILUGTD I love you guys to death
ILYL I love you lots
ILYLC I love you like crazy
IMAO In my arrogant opinion
IMD In my dreams
IME In my experience
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
IMPO In my personal opinion
IMSO In my sovereign opinion
IMU I miss you
IMY I miss you
IOU I owe you
IR8 Irate
IRSTBO It really sucks the big one
ITMT In the meantime
IWU I want you
Jellz Jealous
JFK Just freakin’ kidding
JLMK Just let me know
JMO Just my opinion
JSYK Just so you know
JTLYK Just to let you know
JUIL Just you I love
KHYF Know how you feel
KIR Keepin’ it real
KIT Keep in touch
KMSL Killing myself laughing
KWIM Know what I mean
KYSOTI Keep your stick on the ice
L2M Listening to music
L8 Late
l8r Later
LA Laughing a lot
LAFS Love at first sight
LAN Local Area Network
LARP Live action role-playing
larper Live action role-player
larping Live action role-playing
LBVS Laughing but very serious
LEP Love emo people
LFTD Laugh for the day
LI LinkedIn
LIG Life is good
lil Little
lk Like
LLPOF Liar liar pants on fire
LLS Laughing like s***
LML Laughing mad loud
LML Love my life
LMS Like my status
LOC Load of crap
LOL Lots of love
LOL Laughing out loud
LOLOL Lots of laugh out louds
lolz Laugh out louds
LOML Love of my life
LSS Long story short
LTD Lovers till death
LTR Long term relationship
LUGLS Love you guys like sisters
LUM Love you man
LYLAB Love you like a brother
LYLAS Love you like a sister
LYMI Love you, mean it
LYSM Love you so much
M02 My two cents
MIA Missing in action
mishu Miss you
MLIA My life is average
MM Music Monday
MRT Modified Retweet
MT Modified tweet
MTF More to follow
mum Mom
mwahugz Kisses and hugs
mysp MySpace
my_____ Myspace
NB Not bad
NGL Not gonna lie
NLT No later than
NOBMR None of my business, right
NOMB None of my business
NOYB None of your business
NSFW Not suitable for women
NTS Note to self
nvm Nevermind
NW No way
OBO Or best offer
OG Original gangster
oh Overheard
OIC Oh, I see
OLTL One Life to Live
OME Oh my Edward
OMG Oh my gosh
OMGD Oh my gosh, duh
ONYD Oh no you didn’t
OOH Out of here
OOMF One of my followers
opa Greek exclamation
OTE Over the edge
OTS On the scene
pad House
PBUH Peace be upon Him
PC4PC Picture comment for picture comment
PDH Pretty darn hot
pic Picture
PIMP Peeing in my pants (laughing)
PIO Pass it on
pl0x Please
Planking Lying face down
PLJ Peace, love, joy
pls Please
PM Postmeridian
POTB Pat on the back
POTUS President of the United States
POUS President of the United States
prt Partial retweet
PSOG Pure stroke of genius
PTL Praise the Lord
RATM Rage Against The Machine
RDF Real deal feeling
ridic Ridiculous
rly Really
rox Rocks
roxorz Rocks
RT Retweet
rthx Retweet thanks
RU Are you
SAHD Stay-at-home dad
SAHM Stay-at-home mom
SAHP Stay-at-home parent
SAT Sorry about that
SBT Sorry ’bout that
SFF So freaking funny
SLM Socially limiting maneuver
SMF So much fun
SMH Shaking my head
SOAB Son of a b****
SOH Sense of humor
SOS Someone special
SPST Same place, same time
srs Serious
Stoked Excited
sux Sucks
TAC That ain’t cool
TAY Thinking about you
TBH To be honest
TBR To be read
TC Take care
TCOB Takin’ care of business
TFF Twitter follower-friend
TFTA Thanks for the add
TGFF Thank God for Friday
thx Thanks
TIC Tongue in cheek
TISNF That is so not fair
TITF That is too funny
TLDR Too long, didn’t read
TMAI Tell me about it
TMDF To my dearest friend
TMFT Too much free time
TMG That’s my girl
TOH The other half
Totes Totally
TPM Tweets per minute
TPT Trailer park trash
TQVM Thank you very much
TRS That really sucks
TSNF That’s so not fair
TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome
TT Trending topic
TTTT These things take time
TTY Talk to you
TTYL Talk to you later
TTYN Talk to you never
TTYOOTD Talk to you one of these days
TTYS Talk to you soon
Tweeps Twitter peeps
Tweet Twitter Post
Tweetup Twitter meetup
Twewbie Twitter newbie
TWSI That was so ironic
TWTI That was totally ironic
TY Thank you
TYVM Thank you very much
U2U Up to you
ugh Disgusted
ul Unlucky
ULKGR8 You look great
Unfriend Remove Facebook friend
UOME You owe me
URTB You are the best
us Ultrasound
VBG Very big grin
vlog Video blog
vlogger Video blogger
w00t Yay
W2F Way too funny
W2G Way to go
WADR With all due respect
WDYT What do you think
WEG Wicked evil grin
Whoa Expression of surprise
WL Whatta loser
WTFE What the frick ever
WTFNF What the f****n f***
WTG Way to go
wtv Whatever
wv With
WYWH Wish you were here
xbf Ex-boyfriend
xfer Transfer
xgf Ex-girlfriend
XO Kiss and Hug
XTL Cross the line
Y Why
YDI You deserved it
YGG You go girl
YOLO You only live once
YRAG You are a geek
YRL You are lame
YSJ You’re so jealin
YVW You’re very welcome
YW You’re welcome
YYSS Yeah yeah, sure sure









5 thoughts on “Social Media’s New Language

  1. I had no idea that there were so many of these!? I’m not a texter….but this would irritate me too. We are getting dumber and dumber because the artificial has all the intelligence. I have this thing with texters. If I am in front of them and we are having a conversation and they get a text. I will wait while they read it and text back. I have not joined the band-wagon….yet. I don’t know if I want to.

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