Sometimes I just need a little SHOVE . . . .




Sometimes I just need a little SHOVE to get into the mood of an upcoming holiday.  


When it comes to — h-o-l-i-d-a-y-s — I can be my families official pain in the back-side CEO of procrastination. Not that I don’t enjoy every holiday that comes around because I truly-truly do, but sometimes I just don’t have the interest to get with the program as early as I need to. Thankfully, other folks in my family take up my slack and bake a few cookies, pies and other goodies while I’m completing things I’ve already begun. You see, I’m the craft person in the family and this means I need to be in the mood a couple of weeks before the holiday arrives to get my idea’s under way and completed.  No one in my family wants me making a large Easter Egg out of crate paper on Easter Eve when they are finishing off the Easter Eggs so I try to make my projects one to two weeks before the big day.  This is where my procrastinating ways get in my way, or in other folks way :) 

This year I am making a long narrow ”sea of green grass” that I’ll stick Lolly-Pops and Blow-Pops in for the kids. To begin I take a long narrow tray and fill it with potting soil, sprinkle grass seed on top, pat the seed down to make contact with the soil, place some shiny blue pebbles on it in the shape of a ”river running through it” and begin to make a hill at one end that I cover with moss for the bunnies to come out of! In two weeks time the grass is tall enough to look like a meadow, the blue pebbles look like water when wet and the Lolly-Pops and Blow-Pops look like little trees.  But, I need to get with it in order to get this done and I haven’t even bought the long tray yet! And Easter is less than two weeks! See my problem with procrastination? 

Yes, Yes, I know Easter is fast approaching and we have lots of little hands who will want to help color eggs and make yummy birds nests (cookies) and the such things that make this holiday really fun and special for them. I know I really need to get myself in gear, and fast.  Making memories is the one thing I’m really good at.  I just wish I wasn’t such a Johnny-Be-Late to the Party! 



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