backyard gardening plots

backyard gardening plots

Don’t think you have room for a vegetable garden? Perhaps you think it might be unsightly to have rows of veggies growing in a landscaped yard. Perhaps you fear what onlooking neighbors will think and say. You might think the soil will be unsuitable to grow anything other than crabgrass and to make the soil suitable to grow food will be experience. All these concerns , valid as they may be, are unfounded.

When I decided to turn a portion of our backyard into a vegetable garden I was sure the first years bounty would give everyone a good laugh and that the neighbors would be the ones to laugh the loudest but I was wrong. The soil under a well nourished lawn is perfect for vegetable gardens. The lawn provides clean and crisp garden border. It did take a little effort to remove the sod below the roots but once done, tilling in needed amendments is extremely easy.

Being creative with row design adds to the visual interest when viewed by visitors. Try incorporating a few bright coloured flowers to improve pollination and add beauty to the garden. I love to plant marigolds and basil around tomatoes and peppers and to include a patch or two of daisies or asters somewhere in the garden.

Also, being creative with trellises for beans and other climbing plants adds to garden interest. I never toss anything out! Everything gets a useful second life in my garden. Thinking outside the box when thinking trellises is kind to the pocketbook too. Gardening centers charge premium for things you might already have on hand if you recycle what you already have.

The plot doesn’t have to be large . My daughter began with one five-by-five foot square space that proved to be a huge success. I began by planting vegetables in a flower bed. No space is too small.

Most new gardeners begin with tomato plants and in my humble gardeners opinion a vine ripened tomato is the only way to go.

Happy gardening :-)


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