Draw me some pictures please :)

Draw me some pictures please :)

Draw me some pictures please.

Summertime with kids can be challenging. Around the end of June I always ran out of ideas to keep the kids creative juices flowing. I mean how much pool or park time can you stand in a day?

For a ”keep’em busy for a few minutes” to allow me to toss the dinner salad together I came up with this idea. Take some painters tape to anchor down some freezer paper (wax side down) to a floor, nearby where you’ll be working so you can keep an eye on the little tykes and toss some trays of crayons and markers in the middle of the paper and let them have at it. My kids always liked the floor anyway. This one little pleasure for them kept them busy while I put our dinner together. And it was a lot more fun than listening to cartoons in the next room, if you know what I mean.

This picture was taken of my grandchildren’s art during one of their visits last month.


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