Self-Centered People ~~~ and other things I can not stand

I have never passed by a donuts shop without stopping in. There you have it, my secret guilty pleasure. The aroma of the freshly baked goods ~~~ Awe — mouth watering anticipation of what’s to travel from pallet to tummy . . . except for one thing “”I really don’t like donuts!””

There I’ve said it: I don’t actually like donuts. I just like the way they smell and the way they look. What I do like is the toppings ;) But then again, my blood sugar level rises to above what’s normal just smelling them, so I don’t eat them, I just look at them and wish I could eat them and be like the tiny train who tried its best to huff and puff its way to the top of the hill. Oh wait, the little train made it to the top, didn’t it? A better analogy, and one that just came to mind, is the fact that all donuts lack a center, which, in turn means I can think of all donuts as being non-self-centered culinary delights. I like this being that I don’t care much for self-centered peoples so why would I care to have self-centered donuts?  Just sayin’ folks, there is something to be said for the donuts lacking a center.

This brings me, in a round-about-way, to people who are self-centered. I don’t like them. And it goes beyond simply not liking them. I detest self-centered peoples for their arrogance and lack common courtesy, and I avoid them at all costs. When faced with an encounter with someone who is not genuinely considerate of others I leave them with polite banter as I walk away hoping they will not notice what I truly think of them.  (sadly, what is written on my face always gives me away, if these folks were to notice in the first place which is unlikely because they usually are so . . . ) But, as I leave them in my dust hoping for fresher air to breathe I’m always worried that I’ve been thoughtless. I mean I don’t want to appear to be thoughtless. I just want to breathe fresher air!

This brings me to another thought: That of being judgmental of others. I don’t like to judge. It’s not my place to put my shoes on some one else’s feet! In other words I can’t expect — y-o-u — to be like me for me to accept and to like you and to include you into my tiny cycle of friends. Ask any of my friends and they will all tell you that we are all different but bonded by our friendships which keeps us together and growing strong because we genuinely care about the other person. And we do not judge the other person either for misguided paths — usually romantic paths — we may take. We are friends of acceptance, understanding, compassion, laughter (even through tears) who openly share our hopes and dreams with each other. And we have each other’s backs!

This brings me to yet another thought: This year, when the prospect of romance took me down an unrighteous path it was my friends who kindly helped me understand the impending inferno.  Whew, close call. Thanks to those who had my back ;) — I mean, T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U big time because all us gals know how self-centered men can ruin a genuine woman’s life with his words . . . it’s like he knew exactly what to say and when to say and do things . . . and actions. My Someone turned out to be something else than My Wonderful. Of course, he also turned out to be married (LOL) and a father too. And, all the plans he’d made with me had to be cancelled after I found him OUT!

Wiser. Stronger. Older (ugh). Still wishing I could have it all but realizing having it all isn’t actually possible. At least I’m not self-center, Y’all!!


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