Summertime is no time to make a bed!

Summertime is no time to make a bed!

Notice: Until further notice I am not going to waste my time on the following:

1. Detailing an automobile
2. Edging a lawn (no one else seems to bother!)
3. Planning my day

I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants for they are large enough to give me a good lift off!!

Want to join me in a fun-filled summer of unfolded sheets and unmade (sort of) beds?

Post what you’ll be skipping this summer.

Note from me to my readers: Over the past few months I have taken a lot of time off blogging. I have been working on other areas (life don’t ya know!) that need my attention. One is a high school reunion coming up on August 24, 2013 in San Diego. It will be my 50th class reunion of the graduation way back in the day (1963) when we all were slimmer and less wise. This reunion hasn’t taken a great amount of my time but it has nonetheless cut into my writing and at the oddest times. The other morning around three thirty I awoke from a dream. When this happens I usually drift back to sleep but that morning I suddenly remembered an email forwarded to me about someone wanting to bring a guest to the reunion.  So at that ungodly hour I was at the computer answering his request. 

Another reason to take time off from blogging is that as a writer I must get on with the writing that pays. Not that I don’t enjoy blogging about this and that, I do enjoy this very much but it doesn’t pay the bills. Blogging is a good exerciser of the mind. We all need to give good exercise to our minds — daily by doing crossword puzzles or which is a good site to improve your brain function. Remember the saying: use it or lose it? This applies more to our brains than to any other part of our bodies.  I can deal with my Ethel’s (that’s flabby hanging biceps or is it triceps, I never remember, all I know is that one day your arms too will become Ethel’s!) and my plump tummy jiggle when I laugh too hard but I can’t deal with the less mental function.

I think the primary reason I’m not blogging as much these days is that it is summer and I like to do a variety of things during this time of year. As I age I find that the hours are shorter for doing everything I want to do. What took a second to do at twenty took a minute to do at sixty . . . and so it goes . . . an uphill struggle to plant and tend a garden that takes more time than I’d like to admit to it taking. This applies to housekeeping too. My goodness the cobwebs! I pulled out the sideboard a couple of months back when we were moving into the house in Dayton (we’re living in it while remodeling for use as a rental, a lovely process) and nearly dropped to my knees. I immediately blamed it on the housekeeper but I know perfectly well it is my fault that the cobwebs had gotten that bad. Shame on me–  LOL — or not. 

But, dear reader it is the summertime and I want to dig in the dirt, clip herbs and flowers, sew some new curtains for the kitchen and watercolor with grandchildren. Blogging will have to be spread out among these things that are so important to an old woman. Forgive please. 



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