Life in my World on August 8, 2013

It has been a long time from last posting to this one.  So here is what is happening in my neck of the woods:

First thing is: I’m totally bored! Why is this?

One: Because there is not enough for me to do to fill my entire day. In past years I had children to tend to which kept me pretty busy. Plus, I had more than one bedroom to clean and many more dishes in the sink. These days I have more time to do the few things which my hands are responsible for doing.  In turn this leaves too many hours with nothing to do at all except twiddle them.

Two: The sewing machine is in the shop.  My labor of love which is quilting by machine is on hold as is the new kitchen curtains.

Three: The garden is at the old house where I am certain the new tenants are enjoying all my lovely tomato plants. At my new abode, there are bushes that need whacking and a rose bush that needs serious attention but . . . I’m not the whacker or pruner.  I long to have another large garden filled with all sorts of vegetables and flowers and where the butterflies and birds visit in early morning. Soon — perhaps soon.

Forth and final: It’s sad to say but I’m not even walking as I should because we now live in an area where I don’t feel safe to walk alone during the times I like to walk.  In fact, I do not see other walkers out on these wobbly sidewalks during evening hours either. The neighborhood, which dates to the early 1900’s, or perhaps earlier, is well established with lovely trees up and down each street and would make for a delightful evening stroll if I were to take one.  Of course, I think these few city blocks where I now live is in need of a face–lift.  I’m always saddened to see older homes not cared for and the yards less than lovingly tended to. This house on Saint Charles Avenue was built in the 1920’s and is the least nice on the block, which will change, and is the reason we are here which is to remodel and beautify our tiny abode. The surrounding areas two to three blocks away are quite run down so we are not doing more than what is necessary to secure a pleasant renter who will treasure this house. To say I don’t like it here is a true statement.  But, I do like this little house because it has so much charm and character. This house takes me back to my childhood, especially the kitchen with it’s old tall cabinets and the yellow laminate counter-tops. A real bonus is the pull out cutting board, one just like my mother had many years ago.  In all things there are bonuses and blessings — one only need look for them.


But, soon my life will change ::: for this I give great thanks — For I am being blessed!  It is summertime and the grandchildren are coming around to play with an old lady and keep her young, don’t you know.

Plus,  my mother’s house in North Carolina which was left to her first grandchild, my daughter Lisa Marie, is on the market for sale and when it does sale she will purchase a new house in Montgomery or Miami County (outside city limits) with enough land to have a garden and a few chickens! I will put on my gardeners/farmer’s hat once again and begin to build a nice life in the country.  As I have decided that I do not like city living one bit this can not happen too quickly.  Hint hint dear daughter.

I am blessed to have passed my mammogram once again with flying colours ::: this is indeed a real blessing and one I never take lightly.  The ”Ladies” seem to be happy to remain with the living and quite frankly, as a woman, I am happy as well not to have either one lopped off. It is amazing what they can do about cancer these days!!! Both my mother and her sister Ruth were as lucky as I, both only having an out patient procedure for the removal of their cancerous tumor but my Aunt Estella and my step-grandmother Roxie, whom should have been as lucky, weren’t.  Somehow this makes me feel guilty. I wish the advancements in breast care and breast cancer remedies had happened a half century ago for their sake.

I think my best blessing is that all my children are doing alright. Not perfect but alright. Not perfect because life is never perfect . . . I keep thinking if they’d all love the Lord more it would help! Know what I mean? Maybe I should be more like my weird, and bible thumping Aunt Ester! But I’m not prone to stand on top of the coffee tables and preach when visitors arrive.  Aunt ester was a small woman with a big heart and she was my maternal grandmother’s sister and I dearly loved her but she scared the heck out of me too.  My grandmother although religious herself was more reserved about such things.  I spend much more time with Granny!

I am also blessed to have lived long enough to enjoy my 50th High School Reunion this month. I’ll travel to San Diego for this event  . . . “I look in the mirror and what do I see but an old woman staring back at me”. . .  and I am so thrilled that I’ll see so many wonderful friends while in California — of course, to avoid folks wondering who the heck everyone is there will be name tags with our graduation picture on it. Good Idea!

Life is good. Never take life for granted. Always be gracious to others and thankful for what you have. And always Dance In The Rain, So Saith I.


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