Weekend happenings in Dayton, Ohio

Friday & Me

Happy Friday Y’all — wake up and smell the coffee!

I know the week is a struggle — sometimes you feel it too sluggish — and then comes the weekend and your entire being is energized! The lovely weekend filled with all sorts of things to do that don’t seem like work at all. Lawn care, bush trimming, chimney sweeping, trench digging — all fun to do, right? Wrong! The weekend is not for these things. The weekend is for outings and relaxation. 

I had a friend that would work 24/7 from Monday –to– Friday doing all things required to put her house and yard in order. Then from clock-out-time on Friday until Midnight Sunday she played hostess and enjoyed her life with family and friends. There were outings to parks and backyard barbecues — movie nights — visits to live music and plays that filled the weekend. There was laughter and happiness all around and she was pure joy to go see. (hint: dishwasher was involved but only for storage, run on Sunday night and put away Monday morning before leaving to our office) I mean she had it down to a science. I admired her very much. I wanted to be equal but I love to trim a rose bush on Saturday mornings, or yes-yes-yes dig that trench! In the end I think it is what is pleasing to each individual as to how one wishes to handle the weekend. 

What are you doing this weekend? Here is what is happening in my neck of the woods — don’t you’all wish you lived in and around Dayton OHIO?

During the entire weekend you can do this:

Train Ride with Clifford


In Lebanon, OH, you can take a train ride to see Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth!
Ride Dates: August 10 – 11 & 17 – 18
Ride Times: 10am, 12:45pm, 3:30pm
Visit www.LebanonRR.com/clifford for more info!

On Friday to start your weekend off you can do this:

Exhibition – My Tattered Jersey-Covered Heart

Date: Firday, August 9, 2013
Time: 11:00am to 6:00pm
Dayton Visual Arts Center
at 118 North Jefferson Street in Dayton
Then on Saturday enjoy this:

The 30th Annual Germanfest Picnic!

Date: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Carillon Historical Park
at 1000 Carillon Park in Dayton
This event is FREE to the pubic

And end the weekend with a live concert on Sunday:

Summer Concert – Phil Dirt and The Dozers


Date: Sunday, August 11, 2013 — begins at 7:00pm
Stubbs Park Amphitheater
255 West Spring Valley Road, Centerville
This event is FREE to the pubic
OR go to Americantowns.com to check out what is happening in your neck of the woods — happy weekend to all my friends.

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