a life spent unwisely?

a life spent unwisely

Housework? Please! I’d rather eat a worm!

It’s Thursday and I’m plotting a new scene I’m about to write. I’m alone with my thoughts. And except for a sable brown cat’s meandering there is no other movement in the house.  I like it this way sometimes and today seems to be one of those times I appreciate the stillness and quietness of this little house more than not. Although, I’ve managed to put on my jeans, I’m still in my sleep shirt and my hair is tousled.  This is a writing day — ponder, scheme, play with words —  and a day to detach myself from dishtowels and other things that draw my attention.

Focus — focus — focus!

I’m trying to write, but it seems my focus is on something other than writing, which is stalling out the words. And this is the dilemma I find myself in on this Thursday. Awe – My perfect day to write has gone awry.

So I pull out the newly serviced sewing machine. I take the blue unfinished quilt from the chest and look at it. Should I stipple or machine tack a design here and there on it to secure the (sandwich) layers together?  I decide to do both. Stipple along the sides and place a design (star) in the center of each block. The quilt is for my grandson’s twenty-fifth birthday and I really should finish his first before I finish the others.

But, first I wonder outside to water the herbs that are growing in pots on the back porch. I discover the soil is as dry as sun-weathered moist-less sand.  The herbs drink up the water quickly.  mental note: pay closer attention to the herb pots!

I come back inside. I draw myself a tall glass of ice water and decide to blog before I begin the task of machine quilting.

After blogging, I’ll sew and ponder the ‘words’ that need to be written, and I’ll write them later today because I really do need to do this too. Awe, the life of a retired woman, a writer, a quilter, a gardener and someone who is unable to focus on this Thursday because she is thinking about a lovely walk in Old Town.



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