QUILTING IS MY LIFE unless I’m gardening


I am a quilting nut! Machine — Hand — By Check — it doesn’t matter. I love the entire process.

From the inception my quilters mind is a wonder of possibilities of what the final project will look like. There are so many design choices. I have the traditional patterns to chose from, plus variations of them when I ‘tweak’ them for a more updated look, if I choose. Then there are other quilt top patterns contemporary quilt designers have done in recent years. It is never easy to decide, but once I have set upon one I’m off and running like a blind deer, jotting through the isles of my local quilt shop. Bless my little heart! I do love to run my hands over the bolts of fabric. All the blues, greens, purples, reds, oranges, browns, creams in bright colours to the softest of pastels in beautiful blends designed of stars, flowers and swirls and all the seasonal & holiday collections too. Even the solid colours are delightful to my eye.  I’m not one to e-v-e-r deny myself a trip to Sulphur Grove Quilt Shop in Huber Heights, OH. (http://www.sulphurgrovequiltshop.com/) I simply love this shop. It’s smallish but well stocked. In other-words it has all one needs and on the off-chance they do not have it they will get it for you lickety-split.

Another great shop in the Dayton area is Bernina Main Street (http://www.berninamainstreet.com/). I found this shop when I needed my old Necchi serviced. I was delighted at their selections of sewing notions and fabrics as well but they are more into the sale and servicing of sewing machines than solely a quilting shop. So there is a ‘caution’ there, if you know what I mean. Having said this the ownership is delightfully ‘not-over-the-top’ in the sales of Bernina sewing machines and very helpful with us quilters and our projects which is nice.  Of course, if you are interested in a Bernina, this is the place!

My latest project is coming along nicely and should be finished this week. Then it will be off to the next one!!


Of course, my next love (besides my boyfriend, who is awesome y’all) is gardening.

I can’t wait to plant some more sunflowers to encourage the Yellow Warbler to sing to me again in the early mornings. They are one of the most playful birds in our area and quite enjoyable to watch. I’m putting all my beds to bed (a winter’s necessity in my area) and readying them for spring planting. But, I still have the pots on the patio that I can plant herbs in! Always a need to garden, no matter the time of year, you know. Between this and my quilting I keep out of trouble . . .Well, nearly out of trouble (smiles) there is that trip to Texas coming up sooner than later and who knows what kind of t-r-o-u-b-l-e I’ll get into there. I’m sure it’s nothing I don’t want though.




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