Hiatus Reeled In

As most of my readers know, I opted to take a summer hiatus (from writing) and for the most part I’ve managed to honor my commitment to myself. I gleefully took this time to spend it with the grandchildren  —  enjoying their antics, engrossed in them, actually!  —  and I’m glad I did.  All mine are such darlings, but then, don’t we all feel this way about our grandchildren.  

Now, I have to be honest with you. There is another reason I took my hiatus: simply put dear ones it was to give me some pondering time on future works.  I had several things in the hopper but none were pulling hard enough on my shirttails to put my fanny in a chair and write. This is no longer the case. 

Break is over.

I’m back at it and the work is coming along nicely as script flows from brain trough fingertips. Not that writing is ever easy. We all know better! But, I am happy to be back in the groove, feeling relaxed and frankly happy the writing is going well. 

Now I have to juggle my time between all my loves once again. Not complaining: I do not mind juggling my time between the things and people I love. I’m good at it, actually. Of course, when I write all else falls to the wayside — only another writer would understand, so don’t try. 

As far as the juggling act going on ::::

Gardening: this is an easy juggle this time of year when the only requirement to prune a few things and clip some others and re-pot a few herbs. 

Quilting: (chuckles) quilting is, in fact, always in the hand of the juggler (aka: me). In fact here is my newest little project I finished yesterday and it is all thanks to my granddaughter Destiny who recently showed up with a plastic shopping bag full of loose cotton batting she’d rescued from the insides of her mother’s childhood stuffed animal. “Grandma” she said “please make a pillow out of this!” After hearing her tale of how their one year old puppy Tips had torn the stuffed animal to shreds, how could I refuse? “Mommy loved that animal!” she cried. “I told Mommy, Grandma could fix it!” In Destiny’s five-year old mind I could help keep the memory alive of a beloved (and over loved) stuffed animal her mother had had for years. I accepted the job, immediately, took out some material I had on hand for her to look at as well as some practice quilt blocks. A couple of years ago I was keen on making a perfect ‘spinning-wheel’ or ‘flying geese’ block so I’d practiced on some remnant fabric. I knew they’d come in handy someday! 


Here is the material we auditioned as well as some of the practice spinning-wheels called “Flying Geese” that I finally perfected (although these are not the perfected ones)


the finished pillow / zipper placed on bottom so Mommy can later choose to switch the lumpy batting, if so desired. And, good for Ms. Becca, I do have more of the same fabric if she wants another pillow to match this one.


Writing: well we’ve been over this, haven’t we . . . no need for further chit-chat on this subject. 

House-care: (laughing) sorry, folks, had to toss this one out there! Although I do like doing house-care, truth be told. I’m a domestic goddess and love it, even the dusting. 

I am a juggler! A happy juggler. 


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