CREATIVE DECKS and PATIOS (thinking outside the box)


Creative deck one. A child’s playground plus a deck for Mom and Dad. Imagine being a six year old sliding down this slide. I remember Mom saying to me ”go outside and play”’ well, going outside to play just got better with this ideal slide off the deck into a sandbox. This deck attached to the upper level utilizes the space at ground level for a playhouse. Very (outside-the-box) creative application. What kid wouldn’t like this? 


In my humble opinion, no matter where you live in the USA there is great need for a deck/patio, if only to rest your weary self, fanny side down, for a few minutes whilst enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Even on cool and crisp Autumn days and Winter’s frosts as you set bundled to warm yourself there is something remarkable about enjoying a few peaceful moments of the out-of-doors on a deck or patio.  A place to recharge any time of year. Of course, Spring and Summer is where most folks utilize their outside habitats but why not year round? I say go for it! 

In case you are scratching your pretty little head (or rather, shaking it at me) saying to yourself: She’s really missing a point here, because you live in a high-rise or lack an ample yard, consider these spaces —–


This is the best example of thinking outside-the-box I can give to you high-rise dwellers with a patio, it gives outdoor charm to an upper apartment or condo patio. Indoor/outdoor grass and a few plants, a table for tea, a chair to set in. This invites you to get some fresh air after a day at the office. How wonderful is this? 

Backyard Garden Patio of Airy Plants

Zero in on spaces that will accommodate some outside seating. You won’t be sorry you did. Incorporating a seating area in your landscape seems a solution to me even if it is to extend a walkway for a table and chairs or only a bench. This example shows such an application and I think would fit into any and all landscapes, no matter where you live.

Using natural landscape to create a patio

Use what you have in your landscape to cave out a place to enjoy nature. For instance, if you live along a river bank what’s wrong with this idea? I think it is awesome! I once was fortunate enough to know folks who lived in the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas. The river ran behind their property and they did something very similar this. It was totally rad! (okay, that dated me) 


Picture this on your front or side porch where you can enjoy the birds and butterflies. Space is minimal for this application.


Of course, if you do have the space why not put a free standing deck where the sun shines! A deck for sun worshipers, How ridiculously delicious.

Beautiful home landscaping with deck

Or really go crazy with this idea . . . which is the one I love most, actually. Instead of a boring fence make a corner patio/deck and enjoy. I love the shelves for plants! I’d just make it a bit larger for benches or lounge chairs. Who ever said only plants belong along a fence never thought of this, I assure you.

What I’m saying is think, think, think of the space you have and how you can use it more gracefully and enjoyably. This just do it!


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