I’m in Ohio — Where are You?

©2001 Andy Snow All Right Reserved 141 Jackson St. Dayton OHIO 937 477 0813

Dayton (Population in 2012: 141,359 (100% urban, 0% rural). Population change since 2000: -14.9%) is one of the five major cities in Ohio state. It is located west of Columbus, north of Cincinnati, south of Toledo and southwest of Cleveland and within a few miles of the Indiana state border. This is where I live, for two more nights and a wake-up! Soon I’ll be in the great state of Texas . . . so, I’m counting days: Monday: the day I packed a yellow suitcase with odds and ends; Tuesday: the day I’ll visit the dentist one last time in this state and pack my carry-on; Wednesday, the day I’ll fly out of Dayton – to Lubbock and into the arms of my sweetheart. 

I am certain I’ll be in culture shock when I hit Shallowater, Texas. I understand from a reliable source that Shallowater is a no stop-light but a one stop-sign town. No minor league baseball team. No art museum. Of course, they do have a WalMart (but who doesn’t these days) I’ll survive! I do believe :) 



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