I’m not sure why the town is called shallowater but it sounds reasonable that the water table wasn’t burried too far beneath the dust and weeds! At any rate I have advanced my life to the next stage in this tiny town my boyfriends mother refered to as ”a town of bedrooms” meaning that most folks who live in Shallowater work outside the area. According to the boyfriend (Royce) the school system is top notch and to watch the high school football team is a pure treat. I’ll have to see about that.

At first glance all I saw was a lot of brown … weeds, dirt and grass. It will grow on me. I’m sure of it.If this sounds unflattering to the area I didn’t intend it to be … the folks here are nice, Royce is wonderful as is his mother Ruth and I think I am going to like it here very much.

In the spring Royce and I will beautify this little place with walking paths and flowers, a veggie garden and who knows what else. Looking forward to it, actually.

(note: the plan of this blog for the next few months is to write one blog entry per week on Fridays (I’m a day early on week one :) which is this week) to let folks know who is who and what is what in the Shallowater and Lubbock area of Texas, the place I’ll be hanging my hat for the next few months, or longer.


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