Finally…..the computer is up and running……

…….and hopefully, it isn’t running away from me! Although, at times, I wish it would fly out the window to greener pastures (Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.) where I could set under a tall shade tree sipping “courage-liquid in a tall glass with one of those cute little umbrellas in it” but alas, were I am is in the great state of T-E-X-A-S where the trees are as tall as the nearest fence post, which are by the way the state’s substitute for said trees I grew so fond of whilst living in the Eastern and Southern US states. I prefer green to brown any day! I shan’t even approach the subject of dust storms, the voluminous light breezes the locals have grown so accustom to, nor will I approach the fact that the air is so dry-dry-dry my skin is shrinking and quickly becoming rather wrinkled.

Lotion? Yes, I have bottles of the stuff but thus far, three weeks and counting into my stay the lotion isn’t doing its job!

So what is holding me here? That is a very good question and one I’m going to gleefully answer. He stands about one inch (give or take) above six feet and has a weird mustache I’d dearly love to remove (during the dead of night, with sheers, as he sleeps) but will leave alone because I’m smart that way. Besides, he hasn’t as suggested how he’d like me to cut my hair, so………

Smart women don’t mess with a Texan’s handlebars.

Another reason is simply that I am totally and head over heals in love with the dude from Shallowater . . . and this in and of itself plants my slippers firmly beside his. Besides, today when he said I was beautiful and the way he said it, (he may need new glasses) when I didn’t have a stitch of make-up on, wore a p.j. top covered by a zipped up workout jacket, hair kind-of-combed, and (dare I say it) slouching over the kitchen sink like a three year old would do, I knew I’d made the best choice of my life and all the dryness, the brown flat landscape and breezes anyone else in their right mind would call a good strong wind coming through vaporized. Those things weren’t important any longer. What became crystal clear was how important I am to him and in turn how important he is to me and it doesn’t matter if this land of dust is called home, or a mountain top somewhere where the kids can’t visit (well, maybe not that/there!!) the thing that matters is that for the remaining years I grace this planet Mother Earth, home is where he is, and I’m happy with that.


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