hydrangea — a spectacular plant to grow

I’ve always desired to grow Hydrangea in my yard. This lovely plant has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and my Aunt Joy Flowers and Aunt Nell Peeler grew several of these plants around their homes in Northern California. The plants were tall and lush and Aunt Joy was able to get them to change colours as she wished them to do which made her quite the envy of Aunt Nell, but that’s another story. Aunt Joy was a wonderful gardener. Naturally, I have always wanted to grow some Hydrangeas of my own but, the thing is: I have never, as in N-E-V-E-R, been able to grow them! Perhaps it is due to the fact that I only tried after leaving California for the state of North Carolina many many years ago and found that the soil around our homes in North Carolina was unsuitable. The poor little things were so puny and none of them ever grew higher than a grasshopper could jump in a downpour. No amount of gardener’s prayers worked, they just would not grow. Finally, I pulled them up and grew lots of Azaleas.

After I moved to Ohio, I thought I’d try again but I never did. Now that I am in the great state of Texas with the love of my life I’m thinking that things might change in the Hydrangea growing of department. There is a fence out back (of the property) that is calling for some vegetation. I’ve pondered what to plant there and finally have decided to ask Royce to help plant me some Hydrangea for a display of extraordinaire vegetation along the back fence. I think they’ll grow here and I think they’ll look spectacular. Keeping my fingers crossed over this!

What are you planning on planting this Spring?


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