Yahoo….I’m down one size and moving towards my goal

august happenings

Everyone sets goals for themselves around this time of year of all the things they want to achieve the following year. I’m no exception. My goal is a simple one: HEALTHY LIVING which includes dropping a few more pounds. It’s been over six weeks since my last McDonald’s McDouble hamburger and a senior citizen soda for a whopping sum of $1.76 (US) for the both! According to my daughter Lisa Marie, who usually paid, I’m a cheep date. Over the last six months I’ve weened myself off of any and all fast food joints. As a result I’ve dropped one pants size and am actually close to dropping another! Amazing what my eating habits did to my body inside and outside. Who would have thought a small hamburger every now and then, a glass of soda once or twice a week, a few cookies or other snacks would pack such a wallop. But over time it did wallop me into a size and body I didn’t want. On the other hand who would think that changing a few things — for example, switching soda for water or ice tea and NOT saving room for dessert — would reap the benefits it has in such a short time. I’m really jazzed about this and, frankly dears, the results are spurring me on for more, more, more!!

The other day we went to a lovely Christmas party at one of Ms. Ruth’s church friend’s home. The food was yummy, trust me, I could have had seconds but my tummy wasn’t use to that much food anymore. So, I guess you could say my tummy stopped my tummy (and thighs & cheeks) from growing … Ha! Simple little changes and I’m wondering where my brain was thirty years ago when I should have made this kind of change for optimum health. Surely, had I done the switch back then I’d never have felt a need to do the switch later in life. And, just maybe my skin wouldn’t be so droopy (not the least bit laughing — or no LOL added to this sentence) around the middle.

So, my dear readers, a word of caution: take care of your health now so you aren’t forced to take care of it later. I don’t even miss those several brownies anymore which is a very good thing!


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