Picturesque Eastern Snow


The eastern coastal states have been hit with an unfair amount of snow this winter. This is from the state of North Carolina, in the town of Sims where my friends, the Best’s live. I think she was trying to capture how large the snowflakes were. I think she did do that.


One of my dearest canine friends is Mandy (’cause that’s my nickname! It’s the one my brother Lloyd gave me as a little girl) Here Mandy is keeping guard over the snow! She love it, as long as ”it” is away from where her paws are! But, like all dogs, she’ll romp in the powdery fluff on occasion, but in her case not often.


Mandy’s buddy is Tanner, a whip of a dog who will venture out into the snow! At least once until he decides, according to his owner Julie, that isn’t what he’s willing to do for his potty break, until his last resort! The picture is taken in Wendell, NC which is near Raleigh, North Carolina.


Zipper, whom isn’t interested in being Mandy or Tanner’s buddy shows no fear of rooting in the snow. Zipper is a miniature horse and the newest member of the clan on the small spread in Wendell, NC.


Equally, the horses show no fear.


Nor does Frank….Julie’s white alpaca or lama…..I’ve never been sure which one Frank is. All I know is stand back when he shifts his lower lip from side to side. Otherwise pet him all you want. Frank is a very friendly guy. But, pet him once and he’ll follow you around forever and ever, every time you come to visit. I like Frank, actually.


Awe, the beauty of snow. I am tempted to have this snapshot on the front of 2014’s Christmas cards. This is the home of my cousin’s daughter in the city of Wilson, NC. Isn’t it picturesque.


The wooded area to the back of the lot shows enough snow for fun and play for the kids. Of course, in Wilson, NC the snow pails in comparison to what is going on with my kids in Ohio! There everyone is knee deep to a corn stalk shoot in July!


And this is proof of that…… son’s home is receiving a light dusting in this photograph….but….wait….


that was before it really began to dump several inches of snow during the next to last round of snow dumping for Huber Heights, OH. This shows half of what they wound up with thus far! And, I understand more is coming their way. To which I ask you……..when is enough snow enough?

I am missing all the fun back east! Snow fun that is. While my friends and family are ‘digging-out’ of knee deep snow drifts, shoveling sidewalks and driveways and trying to stay warm with single digit to below zero temperatures here I am in Shallowater, Texas completely away from snow. And although as the temperature here was in the teens last night, as Royce and I traveled home from our mail run for the postal service I couldn’t feel sorry for myself. My family and friends I love are bundled up inside houses to stay warm! OK, so the last sentence is an overestimation, still I know I’m far better off (temperature wise) than they are and I’m feeling a bit guilty. Here are some photograph that I think you will enjoy. They are beautiful but………I know snow equals very cold days and nights for humans and animals alike.

I have always loved snow. I love the sight of it whilst it is falling and I love dealing with it afterwards. I don’t mind snow. But, that having been said (or written) I do believe enough is enough. So, Dear God, if you don’t mind, would you please turn off the snow blowers up in Heaven? Enough is Enough.




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