Designing Vegetable Yard Quilts


Designating a spot in a small landscape for a vegetable garden can be challenging. As a quilter who loves to design ‘live’ quilts of floral and other materials in my yard I find myself challenged when it comes to planting the vegetable garden.  I have a strong desire to have this ‘spot-in-the-yard’ look as interesting as my landscape quilts. But, I am acutely aware of how a vegetable garden works. After all, I want a nice result for my efforts but I don’t like those boring straight rows! Are you the same?

[for good information on putting in a vegetable garden go to: The Old Farmers Almanac gives great advise for beginners.

A solution to the standard row design — most often used for a vegetable garden — is to implement a more interesting circular vegetable garden design (see picture below). This is one I think may work, which I will try this season to give me that bumper crop I long for and to give me that quilt design appeal I’m looking for.


Take away the veggies and this looks like a quilt block I’d like to make this winter out of fabrics of Batik and Chevron! What do you think?

Nest project is a floral and rock quilt by the front steps. Post in a few weeks will give details of how to build a yard quilt in a small area.


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