I am Planting a Crazy Mix of Seeds

When in doubt … plant it anyway! As this blogger did with a discovered ‘seed stash’ she was lucky to come across in her mother’s shed. If nothing else she will enjoy all the anticipation until the discovery of what it becomes plays out in a few weeks. I would not have done it differently.

That Bloomin' Garden

I don’t have to tell you how addicted I am to seeds. People seem to know and I am always being given seeds from other people’s stashes. When my Mom moved last year, we came across a bucket full of old seeds in her shed. Were they viable? I am not sure. Some seeds last a long time and others don’t. I could test them in a damp paper towel but I can’t be bothered. With nine flats of seeds already on the go in the greenhouse, I don’t want to waste time with questionable seeds.

seed mix

So what will I do with them.? I have decided to mix them all together in one big wild and crazy mix. If they don’t grow, oh well, they didn’t cost me a penny.

So whats in this mix?

Bachelors Button -My passion for blue flowers in the garden has me hoping this one…

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