Is it Open Season yet?

Open gardening season that is because I’m fidgeting my my seat to make my yard look like this here photograph>>>>

The greenhouse is planted up with all sorts of veggies and flowers. And I’m just waiting for mid April to come around so I can get them all into the ground. Our friend Jerry was out yesterday — a real soothsayer to be sure — and mentioned (1) I’m a wee bit too early with the greenhouse plantings and (2) the greenhouse (which if you recall was moved to avoid being blown over by the winds here) is not getting enough sun to be considered a greenhouse and that we need to put a heat lamp inside it. Well-Dag, I never thought of that! Of course we need a heat lamp in that silly flimsy little thing. This morning, I pretended to ignore Royce when he reported his and Jerry’s conversation — I’m good at doing that — and simply knotted my head in agreement. Now, maybe he’ll buy me that heat lamp I asked for a month ago :) Woo-oho, Thank You Jerry!

I write a lot about placement of a vegetable garden in the landscape. I write about it mostly because I can not count the times ‘someone’ has said to me in past years that they didn’t have room for a garden. Naysayers! This is totally not true. You can have a garden in a tiny apartment for Pete’s Sake. Once long ago in the land of Oz that is exactly what happened when several tenants and I along with the on-site property manager converted a weedy patch into a garden. The area wasn’t large but it was long enough for two shorter blocks of three rows each and one of longer block two rows each in the middle. 1912212_10151965465036404_231239209_nThe entire process was fun and very rewarding to all of us. 

As the saying goes: You’re never too old to learn — and in my case never too old to be taught a thing or two. In fact, if the mind lays idle too long the body soon follows and you get cobwebs between your toes and behind your eyeballs! Don’t let that happen!! Stay engaged in life. Growing a vegetable garden sweeps out the cobwebs, for sure and for certain.  

<<<<<diagram of community veggie garden



When I share gardening information with someone I find that I’m usually picking up a few helpful tips from them as well. I love how that works. So please feel free to leave a comment and share your tidbits with me; I’ll be sure to pass them along.

images2Here’s wishing you a bounty from your garden this year.


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