Taking It Off —

—- no not my makeup, or for that matter my clothes, I’m talking about taking off the extra pounds I’ve been carting around my middle and lower haunches like forever. 


I try to loose by diet, by wishful thinking, by exercise and by snubbing my nose at Royce’s cookies! It seems a useless endeavor I’ve undertaken. Or is it? At my age why should I worry about the poundage around my middle? Maybe I should embrace it! Truth be told, this extra grandmotherly fat isn’t totally unhealthy and it isn’t a turnoff to my better half who thinks I’m still kinda cute (he needs glasses but hey I like his enthusiasm) so why am I so hell-bent on taking it off. I mean it isn’t like I’m sixteen and going to take a stole on the beaches in my bikini — Actually, I wish I still had the shape to wear a bikini (dream on girl) —

— so what’s all the fuss about! One, no one cares. Two, no one wants to see me in a bikini! Three, I was going somewhere with this thought ———— senior moment ————- oh, yes, why should I care about a few extra pounds when I look darn good in my clothes and Royce doesn’t care. Life is too short to worry about this any longer so I shall embrace my lovely size frumpish and enjoy the heck out of Royce’s cookies from time to time. Or not. I do kind of like my britches being a little loose these days ;)


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