abby2How I miss this little girl. She’s a chip off the old block, i.e. little ole me, her grandmother. I never knew anyone other than myself (well, and my cousin Herald when he put his mind to it) that could catch a chicken with ease. The silly things seemed to migrate to me when I was a kid, following me around the yard like I was Mama Hen. I think they do the same with Abigail.  Abby, as we call her, may grow up to be a chicken farmer, but I wish for her to grow up to become a famous surgeon — like Christiaan Barnard or William DeVries,  or a university professor — nothing big just a member of the Harvard  faculty. Why? Why not! I wish for Abigail the best of the best because she can catch chickens just as good as her grandma, and that’s a fact.


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