Re-Purposing Unused Items to the Garden

Sometimes gardening ideas which are “outside the box” (so to speak) strike me as being a bit silly but here are a few I just ran across which aren’t silly at all, in fact, I consider these to be very smart indeed.  It’s called re-purposing and I think this is the greatest idea I’ve ever seen. After all, why toss out perfectly good rubber boots into the trash bin when you can give them new life in your garden by placing potting soil inside planted up with some posies. It adds a bit of whimsy to the garden to have a row of lined up boots hung on a gate. In fact, wouldn’t this be an inspiring addition to the fence itself? Can you imagine the smiles this would bring! Oh how I love the whimsical side of a gardeners life.

3a 1a

Speaking of fences: Not long ago we had a chipped slat on a fence, right at the top of the slat and right in the middle of the row of pickets. (My mind is always one slight swing away from ”’unusual”’) Seeing these boots hung in the picture above made me think (why I can’t say) that if I were to have taken turned upside down pots I’d painted in colours of gum drops and placed on top of the pickets, wedging them down tight, that the fence would have looked spectacular and the unsightly chipped slat picket would have been perfectly camouflaged.  What do you think?  (wish I could find a picture for you but sadly, I don’t have one)

Of course, if your boys (or girls for that matter) have grown tired of playing with trucks and such, placing them in a flower bed (planted up, of course) would bring a smile every time. I’m sure of it.

Here are a few examples>>>6b1bHere is an adult version>>>3b



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