WELCOME to my blogging experience

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This is a personal blog of my daily journey through life.  I live in rural America and I love it.   I have been all over the country with my ex-husband, who was a bridge demolition expert.  So, my address book looks ridiculous!  But, that is fine with me.  More experiences – better writing!

I am a freelance writer but (disclaimer!!!) please do not expect perfection of the written word in this blog for you will not find it. Instead of good polished writing this blog is my gift to myself to be totally liberated to use my author’s ‘southern voice’ uninhibited by editors notation(s) to type out words as they come to me.  This is the brave thing to do!

You will allow me this privilege, won’t you?

My background is interesting so you may read (from time to time) some story about or reference to one of  my career(s) and/or odd jobs I have had over the past fifty plus years (I began working at age 12).  Just go with the flow and enjoy reading about this or that.  I promise I will try not to bore you.

I appreciate all comments so feel free to leave one.


3 thoughts on “WELCOME to my blogging experience

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and deciding to follow along! I consider it an honor to have you join me on my journey!
    I hope you have a great week!
    Thanks again – Becky

  2. Hello Mary Louise (if I may):

    I just came across your blog and noticed you talk about a painting you have by the artist Esther Crawford. I am writing a book on California women artists and I would love to connect with you and discuss your painting and the possiblity of using it in my book.

    If you are interested, could you contact me at my personal email ma659@earthlink.net I thank you for your consideration and look forward to talking with you.

    With thanks,
    Maurine St. Gaudens

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