Autumn on the Horizon

travel down the road with me

Sunday, September 22, 2013 is the first day of Autumn. And, although each of the four seasons — spring, summer, autumn, winter — hold some delight for me, it is the crisp clean brilliant hues dotting Autumn’s landscape that make the third season my favorite season of them all.  Each Autumn I vow I will to travel up and down the highways and parkways to snap photographs to save in an album already labeled “Fall Colours” and each year I fail miserably. I am ashamed of myself, of course, for my lack of ‘forward-doing’ but I don’t think anyone really cares that I do or I do not do this. It is on my bucket list. It is something I will do —- someday.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia landscape

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia landscape

I envision myself traveling along (NC) Interstate 77 and picking up Interstate 81 into Pennsylvania and then taking Interstate 84 out of Scranton to Interstate 87 outside of Newburgh, New York and head north. The stops along the way would include Hershey, Pennsylvania, of course and continue on my merry way after sampling some chocolate. I’d spend the night somewhere on the border of New York and Vermont, probably in Bennington.  The next day I’d travel further up the Byways and Highways of America until I found myself in places like Hampton Beach, Plymouth Rock, Cape Cod and Mystic, CT.  I’d even venture into Salem, Mass! I’ve been there before and it was the best small town (loved the old grave yard) I’ve ever been to.

Quebec wilderness (Canada) and yes, I'd even venture this far!

Quebec wilderness (Canada) and yes, I’d even venture this far!

One year I will do this! Again.



facts of life of my earthly existence

Facts of life:

  • Even having one leaf on the driveway will drive my mother crazy until it is sweep up so I might as well run out there straight away and sweep.
  • The Ozarks is the most friendly place on the planet — and it’s no use arguing with me about this little observation of life.
  • Growing Herbs benefits mind, body and purse — they are a beautiful and useful part of my life.
  • Eating any Tomato not picked directly off the vine in my own garden is not worth my time.
  • I do not have to be married to be happy — but it would be nice to be married to an equally avid gardener.
  • My children will disappoint — and I’ll get over it and love them in-spite of the disappointment.
  • Planting flowers in-amongst my vegetables in the garden makes me relax when gardening.
  • Creating a quilt, start to finish, actually stresses me out but I love the feel and warmth of the quilt on my legs when I lap quilt it in the Winter months.
  • The research for an outline is much more satisfying than the written paragraphs that follow — and I’m a much better editor than a writer.
  • The best part of being retired from a 9 to 5 is waking up naturally and not to an alarm clock — but —
  • Either way I wake — please pour me a cup of coffee before thou speak of leaves on the driveway!




The Girl’s guide to loving life


On Blessings:

  1. Health is good
  2. Money is enough
  3. Kids are fine
  4. Win loves me!

On Kindness:

  1. Speak softy
  2. smile!

On Control:

  1. neighbors barking dog — it’s their problem
  2. attitudes of other people — it’s their issue
  3. rain! — one word: umbrella

On the Heart:

  1. for the blessing it brings — trust it
  2. for the truth it speaks — listen to it
  3. and for the love it brings — accept it

On Productiveness:

  1. begin with an end in mind
  2. from beginning to end — enjoy the process
  3. take pleasure in doing what you love

Then Just Breath — knowing that all things are God’s plan and his plan is eternal.

I Once Had A Beach Cruiser

A long time ago I had this Schwinn Beach Cruiser extraordinaire. It was marvelous! Big balloon tires, handlebars that never stayed in place and a seat that sat pretty comfortably, when I was actually setting on it. A group of us girls ages 11-12 would fly around corners and speed down the streets of Mountain View, California. Honestly I don’t know how the neighborhoods stood us but we thought we owned the streets, and were, in fact, quite the bomb!

Today, the Beach cruiser bicycles might be considered “old school” or “vintage” along-side the newer hi-tech ones but I like old school and vintage and I wish I could still slide into the yard on mine. I loved that bike. In fact in 1982 when my second child, a daughter, wanted a Beach Cruiser of her own I jumped for joy. The bike had gained some of its popularity at that time and the fact that she wanted one brought back so many memories. Clear summer days of carefree roaming, ah, she was following in her mothers footprints, or foot pedal power. She made me proud. Chip off the old block, hey? You bet!

1960's Vintage Beach Cruiser

In a world of hi-tech gadgets and in my opinion overly complicated bicycles I wonder if there are any folks out there who’d appreciate riding a good vintage beach cruiser (like the one pictured above)? If you ever have the chance to get your hands on one I suggest that you get-your-hands-on-one and take a spin around the block. Do it for prosperity’s sake and do it for me.

a simmering pot (the art of patiently waiting for something to happen)

I have many attributes, tenacious, compassionate, veracious — but apparently patience is not one of them, for if it were I’d still be simmering along.  But, wiser than at sixteen the question of why I should agree to simmer became less appealing the more I was expected to wait, and wait, and wait.  Simmering along, until he decided he was comfortable enough or free enough to remove me from the simmering pot and take me from the kitchen to the bedroom, and beyond.  

It seems I could not simmer along unattended.  Henceforth, the reason I’m currently outside the simmering pot and no longer waiting for something to happen, which in all honesty, wasn’t likely to happen in the first place, given the history.  

But, let me back up a wee bit.  To clarify.  Over the last decade I have reconnected with several kids I knew from my grammar and high school years Finding, catching-up and keeping in touch as adults has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  As a result I have gained some awesome-good friends and I would not have missed this for all the tea in China.  

Naturally a few of these awesome-good new friends are men.  One in particular had a crush on me back then — therein lies the conundrum.  This accomplished, learned man well into his salt & pepper years seems to be fantasizing like a sixteen year old.  I can not see it any other way.  Projecting onto me all that he has imagined to be true.  Naturally, given our advanced age I assumed [never good to assume] he was learning to appreciate and like me as the woman I have become without any preconceived notions.  Not so, it seems.  Alarming?  To say the least, it is, definitely.  

Such a disappointment this whole mess has been.   So much so I have officially taken myself off the market.

I had never been asked to be patient and wait.  Thinking this was a bit of a strange request, but having nothing better to do, I was willing to let it play out and see what would happen.  But alas, patience evaded — replaced by push-push-push, well, not so much push as an unwillingness to “stay-put” and “stay-simmering” until he got to where he thought he needed to be, wherever that was.   Which I don’t know but I do know simmering along in silence simply is not my style.  I’ve never been a backseat driver, truth be told.  I like it up-front and personal.  I like conversation with someone who is interested in me as a mate.  I love all the bantering back and forth.  I adore all the little things.  I am not willing to settle.  So I did not.  I am out of the simmering pot — apparently lacking in the art of patiently waiting for something to happen.

Bucket List: Installment two

Not that I’m complaining but it is possible that a few of my first 10 of 100 must-dos before I kick-the-bucket on my Official Bucket List may never be completed before my timely demise. For instance, I may never have that snap shot taken of me at the corner of Haight and Ashbury with my grandmother’s shawl draped and tied around my hips and as far as ice skating, those days may be in my past as I’m not as steady on my feet any longer (or so I’m told-although I totally disagree) but my son-in-law does have the karaoke thing available and although I’ll need to wait until this fall I will go to a Ohio apple grove to pick those apples. But, I have to face the facts that some things on my first 10 of 100 may never be checked off.

Although, a Bucket List should be attainable to some degree it also should be fun and not so predictable. I am trying to include some less attainable things. Things I dream about doing. But then, some of these in and of themselves just might lead to an early demise. But I’d like to try them anyway. On that thought: It comes to mind that if I were to accomplish my complete bucket list to soon this too might lead to an early demise. It’s a thought to be considered. I’d hate to have only a front porch swing to look forward to when I’m really getting up there in age. Having some that require greater effort may keep me going until I am one-hundred-two as is noted in my poem. This is the plan, anyway. Something to look forward to over the next twenty odd years.

Of the poem, I have realized that I do not like really long hair so much these days so the “hair gently piled a-top my head” might be another thing I’ll miss doing. In fact my hair is longer than usual these days which will be remedied this afternoon. Hopefully. Short, cute and stylish better suits me. When I wrote “Dancing Daisies” I was projecting my old self out in the garden. I liked the vision, then. I still do. I would not mind dying out in the garden.

Dancing Daisies (copyrights: Mary Lou Wehunt, 2010)

I fancy myself a willowy old woman;
hair gently piled a-top my head;
Found dead in my garden
at the age of one-hundred two;

Should this be;
Do not weep for me,
I have laid down my head
In a bed of turnip greens;

I shall leave you the turnips
But take with me the daisies,
My most delightful friends
Who taught me to dance in the garden.

So I have added some not so predictable things to my bucket list. Why not! They are fun to talk about on a balmy night under the umbrella. (second 10 of 100)

    11. Go surfing one last time (remember I’m 66 but I once saw a man 70ish doing it).
    12. Travel England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Canada.
    13. Play strip poker with my husband & lover (one in the same).
    14. Grab Shell and take the train from Wilson, NC to Raleigh, NC and shop ’til we drop.
    15. Have any tattoo removed if indeed I ever get one!(on my first 10 of 100-which was a minor lapse of common-sense).
    16. Walk barefoot in the sand during low tide at that place in Mexico again.
    17. Read the full text of Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey.
    18. Understand the full text of Homer: The Iliad & The Odyssey.
    19. Make it through the entire EServer Poetry Collection – the binder from hell that lives under my bed.
    20. Take a garden tour holiday in Savannah, GA and other southern gardens (whatever suits my fancy).

Bucket List: 1-10 of 100

A few months ago my friend Steven and I watched the Bucket List a comedy-drama with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was the first time I’d seen the movie. I’d passed on it when it first came out but I can’t exactly say why. Something in my brain is short-wired when it comes to movies.  What I pass on I later like and what I have to see I hate, usually.  Anyway, the movie popped into my pea sized movie brain the other day. It was almost like my brain was yelling at me: Do-Bucket-List-Now (not getting any younger here, ya know) than, simultaneously I thought THINK BIG.

So here lies (no pun intended) for better or worse the first ten of one hundred on my bucket list not that I actually have one hundred things in mind I just thought it looked better to say one hundred on paper. It’s a trick on my mind to make me think I’ve got all the time in the world which if I follow Aunts Oneida & Louise may be I do. Aunt Oneida turns 100 this November with aunt Louise pushing towards 100 within two years hence.

  • Have picture taken on corner of Haight and Ashbury (don’t ask why)
  • Ice skate at Rockerfeller Center
  • Get tattoo (again, don’t ask)
  • Sing karaoke – once
  • Shop Strand (NYC) book store in person-internet just won’t do on this one
  • Travel New England back roads during Autumn colours
  • Pick a bushel of apples at a Ohio apple orchard
  • Drive the full length of PCH (coastal California)
  • Own a yellow VW convertible
  • Finish my manuscript