May the spirit of my Lord be in my heart and in my actions on this day as I prepare for my baptism ~~~

From this day forward may I be Your shining example to all that know me ~~~

I am a simple woman Lord, quiet & reserved, softly spoken; I am not a star on the world’s stage; the gifts you have given me have served me well — compassion, kindness & empathy, discernment & wisdom — over the years in the rearing of my children and in of my career. I know I have been blessed! Father, I ask for your conditioned blessings ~~~ bless Me a Lot Lord God ~~~ as I renew my spiritual path.

(excerpt taken from one of the (untitled) poems I’m working on for the newest collection of poetry)

“The path taken deepens under the twilight of my years;
the soft sands of time swept — brushed aside
by the hands of God,
giving way to a future filled with the softness and beauty
laid out before me — sweet as honey. 
I always knew this place;
In retrospect I can see it always was —
waiting — waiting — waiting for me to arrive!”

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to utter – to seek
into the darkness of night,
whilst the full moon lights
a path outside —

it comes softly to me,
possibilities – a promise;
daylight drifts across the panes
of soulful thought and window alike

I leap,
I seek,
I am in prayerful thought
if only — if only I knew;

not to burden you Lord,
not to burden
just to seek,
a righteous path.

a promise –
a possibility –
a future –


(copyrights: mary louise wehunt)