Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff in Life


Got some small troubles? Got some ”small issues” but are doing the best you can? Then kick up your heels and dance the small troubles away because life is too short to let the small stuff get in your way of enjoying your life.

Oh how I use to worry over silly small things. Things that didn’t make a difference to anyone, including me, the next day. Let it go! Enjoy every minute you have and don’t sweat the small things that come your way.

The dishwasher didn’t get emptied? Well, I’m sure the dishwasher police will be there soon to issue you a failure to operate citation, right? Not going to happen is it. So why do we put so much importance of these things which really, in the short of it, take away our joy.

One thought is that we, as humans, like to measure up to others. I say this in all honesty because soon arriving at my doorstep will be a first greet and meet with my new daughter, Yvonne. I am looking forward to her visit. I’ve talked to her on the telephone a couple times and we’ve messaged back and forth on (of all places) Facebook. (Yvonne’s father and I will marry the end of May, 2014) She sounds wonderful and I can not wait to set down and talk and really get to to her during her short stay — shopping, can anyone say s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g. — as she’s flying in for the only the weekend.

But, because I rarely listen to my own good advise I have been sweating the small stuff. Although, I’m certain she will not snoop in closets, drawers, shelves, or under beds I have been busy making certain ever nook and cranny of this place is in order.  And, in the Panhandle of West Texas, with the March dust storms, this is a tall order! Yesterday a sandstorm stopped me from window washing. Today I had double duty to get things done. Thank Goodness for Royce my second pair of hands. The man is a true helpmate, and a Godsend.

I hope Yvonne likes me as much as I am prepared to like love her.